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  NSF Ultra Multi Functions Die Cut And Foil Stamp Machine  
  die cut & foil stamp      
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  NSF Ultra capabilities include die cutting, kiss cutting, flat foil stamping, blind and foil embossing, perforating, scoring, imprinting, numbering and HSFF (high speed foil fusing).
Typical NSF Ultra applications include greeting cards, business cards, stationery, invitations and announcements, commercial letterpress work as well as die cutting and enhancing digital output. Using the NSF Ultra, customers can efficiently produce work at speeds up to 5,000 sheets per hour. The NSF Ultra can run a 23.5" by 29" maximum sheet size with a 16.5" by 23.13" impression area. The NSF Ultra is designed around a Windows based computer core with a full color display and touch screen interface. Paper registration, foil draw length, counter functions, jam detect/interrupt, double feed detect, speed and impression pressure functions are controlled and/or displayed through the computer/touch screen.
 Model  NSF ULTRA 
 Max. paper size 597mm X 737mm
 Min. paper size 89mm X 114mm
 Max. die cut size 419mm X 587mm
 Max. speed 5000sheets/Hr
 Thickness 0.7~0.45mm(depending on environmental)
 Die cut & foil stamp Platen
 max. imprint 8 times/per sheet
 Feeder Auto air sucktion
 Max. foil diameter 183mm
 Power 220V single phase
※Available for wooden dies, plastic dies,